Empowered Healing Massage

brandiEmpowered Healing comes from the realization that healing the body comes from within. Your massage experience should mirror this ideal. I believe in taking a WHOLE body approach to healing. My ultimate goal is to guide you in becoming an even better you. No one can take charge of your life but you. That is true empowerment. Without self-empowerment and self-awareness, you could be held back from reaching your full potential.

My mission is to help you find the life you were meant to live. A healthy lifestyle is built with patience, hard work and dedication. Balancing body, mind and spirit is the key and I am here to help you find that balance.

The first step in healing your body is accepting that change is necessary in many facets of your life. Understanding why your body hurts is much deeper than you probably realize. Instead of striving to increase the number of things you believe will make you happy, strive to let go and eliminate what makes you unhappy. That is empowering. Continuing on that journey in turn helps to heal your body. Part of that process involves loving yourself and taking proper care of your body.

Brandi Bissell

I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2002. My mission is to help my clients find the road to freedom from their pain. Education is a large piece of the therapy puzzle, and it is important that my clients are enlightened about what is going on with their bodies. With a specific purpose behind every session, my intent is to provide restoration, rejuvenation and peace.

My 13 year background in massage therapy includes Medical & Orthopedic Massage, Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, Neuromuscular Therapy, Structural Integration, Deep Tissue, Prenatal & Post-partem Massage, Swedish and Thai Yoga Bodywork. I specialize in an eclectic blend of massage that combines deep tissue with Thai Yoga Bodywork…and everything in between. I do my very best at accommodating the needs of all my clients, carefully tailoring each session to meet their individual needs.

Long term pain relief is my immediate goal for all my clients. The love and passion I have for massage constantly encourages me to find new ways of helping my clients find balance, healing and enrichment in their lives.

Telephone: (850) 346-3206

E-mail: empoweredhealingwellness@gmail.com



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